Mission & Vision of IED

IED's Vision:

A free, just and democratic society


IED's Mission:

To nurture democratic culture and principles that strengthen good governance in Kenya and Africa


IED's Strategic Goals:

  • To generate evidence-based data that informs democratic practices, governance and electoral processes.
  • To enhance civic engagement for participatory democracy.
  • To strengthen democratic processes in institutions of governance and representation.
  • To influence policy and legislative reforms on democratic governance and electoral processes. 

Our Core Values:

In pursuit of its vision and mission, IED has adopted a set of core values that will guide all key decision, actions and behavior - both corporate and individual. The core values will guide IED's daily work both internally and externally. The core values are:


  • Integrity–undertake all engagements with the highest level of professional integrity.
  • Communication–be open and honest in all aspects of communication to promote transparency in all IED undertakings.
  • Innovation–Be innovative and embrace continuous improvement in all services delivery engagements.
  • Diligence–be diligent in all our engagements and discharge of duties with genuine passion and dedication
  • Results focus–be results-oriented in the discharge of all duties.
  • Teamwork–uphold teamwork and collaboration in order to realize the synergies of working together.
  • Respect–always treat people with utmost respect and courtesy.
  • Diversity-always embracing people irrespective of their culture, tribe, gender, status and religion