IED's Methodology

IED strongly believes in a full participatory and collaborative approach. It therefore works very closely with the government and its various institutions as well as the civil society organisations and donors involved in the electoral process and voter education. In pursuing this approach IED works through coalitions and collaborations with its various partners, mainly through joint and independent projects, sharing information and networking.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality Performance Control (QPC) Measures

IED believes in the provision of quality services to its constituents and target beneficiaries alike, and desires to ensure that this is undertaken through quality control performance measures involving clearly agreed indicators. This Plan endeavours to clearly identify the QPC or indicators that it shall use to monitor its activities. During the plan period reviews will be done to all activities are on track, and that significant variances are promptly addressed.

There shall also be action taken to extract and share with key stakeholders lessons learnt, which will also guide future actions required or contemplated as a result. There shall also be a mid-term evaluation and end-term evaluation of the programme and activities of the plan.