By-Elections in 2009


IED monitored and observed the two by elections in Bomachoge and Shinyalu Constituencies. IED recruited 4 Constituency Monitors, 2 each for the two Constituencies. The Constituency Monitors were trained and deployed on 1st and 2nd July 2009 to monitor, observe and report on the pre-election environment including the voter registration process in the two Constituencies.

As is our practice in observing elections, we recruited 261 Poll Watchers (154 for Bomachoge and 107 for Shinyalu). The recruited Poll Watchers were trained and deployed on the 24-25th August 2009 in the two Constituencies. In order to ensure that the trainings took place concurrently, we sent two teams to the respective Constituencies to facilitate the training/briefing of the Poll Watchers. The Poll Watchers were deployed to all the polling stations/streams to observe and report on the polling day events and activities. In addition, IED staff members, Board of Directors and Members observed and coordinated activities in the Constituencies on the polling day. We also held a briefing session for our development partners, collaborators, Board of Directors and Members on 19th August 2009 and 21st August 2009 at IED offices.

Based on our experience and lessons learnt during the 2007 general elections especially with regard to the difficulties in establishing the credibility and authenticity of results, we have developed a Parallel Votes Tabulation (PVT) system. The system, which was launched on 20th August 2008, will be operated from IED offices in Nairobi. We will use a short message system and code to receive elections results as announced and declared at the polling stations/streams from the Poll Watchers based at the polling stations/streams. The text messages will be processed and analyzed and posted to the IED website. We expect that by mid night on 27th August 2009, we will have received all the results from all Poll Watchers and posted them to our website.