Capacity Building for the Electoral Management Body of Kenya

BRIDGE Training Workshop: Voter Registration and Introduction to Administration of Elections

The five day BRIDGE Course was conducted from 13th – 17th (inclusive) January 2010 for 17 Regional Elections Coordinators (RECs), Deputy Chief Elections Officer, (D-CEO) and five Directors of the Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC), Kenya. The Chairperson of the IIEC, Mr. Ahmed Issack Hassan, officially opened the workshop giving it the stamp of high level support. He was accompanied by all the 8 Commissioners, the Chief Elections Officer, his Deputy and a number of the IIEC Directors and senior staff. There were more than two Commissioners who remained to observe or respond to questions relating to the IIEC, throughout the training.The Chairperson also participated in awarding certificates and closing ceremony of the Workshop. Their support for the BRIDGE training for IIEC was clearly manifested.

Although this training was a Voter Registration (Module) Course; it was necessary to include Introduction to Elections Administration, aspects of Electoral Systems and Voter Information and Education. Participants were also trained on BRIDGE facilitation skills (methodology) – learning, training and communication skills. This is because it was the very first time for the participants and the IIEC to undergo the BRIDGE training. The participants were also being prepared to conduct further training for Constituency Elections Coordinators(CECs) and their deputies. Planning for the 3-day training workshop for CECs begun during the assignments for the BRIDGE participants in which they were given home-work to plan for the cascading training workshop using the 8 steps of Civic/Voter Education.

The cascade training of 210 Constituency Elections Coordinators was conducted from 20th - 22nd January 2010. The 17 RECs and one Director, conducted Voter Registration and Voter Information Training for 210 Constituency Elections Coordinators; organized in 9 venues of 23/4 participants each. The 18 participants now turned Facilitators, met in Regional Groups – Nairobi and Central; Rift Valley; Coast and North Eastern; Eastern and Western, and ; Nyanza provinces to plan and prepare for the cascade training of the 210 CECs. They relied heavily on BRIDGE resources (to clarify concepts, principles and set standards) and adapted them to their circumstances. Although, the CECs training was not a BRIDGE training; the IIEC Director in charge of Voter Registration and Elections and the lead BRIDGE Facilitator (Consultant) and a staff of IED, monitored and supported the training. The venue for the cascade training was at the Multimedia University College, Mbagathi, Nairobi (former KCCT).


Supporting the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties. .

After a successful 2009 that saw the gazetting of the Political Parties (Funding) Regulation 2009, the Technical Committee on the Operationalization of the Political Parties Act 2007, in which IED is a member, held their its first meeting for the year on 4th February 2010. The meeting agreed to finalize the Political Parties Tribunal Rules before the opening of Parliament and hence is planning on a one day workshop to review and finalize the draft rules. The committee shall develop a work-plan and hold a consultative meeting to review and finalize a civic education manual for the Political Parties Act that will incorporate all aspects of the Act and its regulations and incorporate the draft Harmonised Constitution with the target audience being the political parties themselves and the general public. The workshop is envisioned for March 2010.