IED 10 Years Anniversary

IED celebrated its 10 years of existence on 27th November 2003. The theme of the celebrations was the process of democratisation: ten years experience and challenges for the future.” As part of the celebrations, IED launched the Grace Githu Award for Human Rights and Democracy.

The memorial Award was in honour of the late Grace Githu who was a founder member and the immediate former Executive Director of the Institute. The late Grace Githu was a human rights lawyer of long standing and was instrumental in steering and guiding IED in its quest to promote democracy in Kenya and the region through strengthening, advocacy and research. The Award was given to two people of standing qualities like the late Grace Githu's which include the following:-

Qualities of the nominee for the Grace Githu Award for Human Rights and Democracy:

IED is inviting nominations of a Kenyan most suited to receive the Award. The nominee shall be:

  • A self-effacing unsung hero or heroine of the democratisation process, a dependable crusader and advocate for justice.
  • A person who has made professional and transformed a field of work or institution into an integral part of the governance and democracy agenda or structure
  • A person who has through his or her work, cultivated independence and confidence in his/her colleagues
  • A person who has immensely, stubbornly, frankly and fearlessly contributed to the women’s legal empowerment movement in Kenya through a sustained, not transient, advocacy for the human rights and justice for women.
  • A person who has devoted their life to ensuring a fully participatory, free and fair political and electoral process in Kenya
  • A person who is deeply honest, meticulous and strict professional, firm yet humble, with an insightful and constructive personality
  • A philanthropist
  • A strong-headed individual who has fought with conviction and supreme intelligence for the things she/he believes in.
  • A person of integrity, deeply honest and morally upright.

Those who qualified for the Award are:

  1. The late Chrispin Odhiambo Mbai
  2. Mrs. Muthoni Likimani

10th Anniversary Speeches

The Role of IED and Civil Society in the Democratisation Process and Transition in Kenya
Speech by Hon. Kiraitu Murungi, Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs on the occasion of the celebration of IED's 10 years and the launch of the Grace Githu award for human rights and democracy,
Serena Hotel, Nairobi,
27th November 2003

Celebrating 10 Years of IED's Strengths.Experiences and Gains over the Years
By Dr. F.G. Nienga

The Criteria for the Grace Githu Award for Human Rights and Democracy
By Willy Mutunga
Executive Director, Kenya Human Rights Commission

An Address at the Grace Githu Award for Human Rights and Democracy and the Commemoration of the Institute for Education in Democracy's 10 Years of Experience in Democracy
By Professor Shad rack B. O. Gutto
Director, Centre for African Renaissance Studies University of South Africa Pretoria, Republic of South Africa