Frequently Asked Questions

What is IED?

The Institute for Education in Democracy (IED) is a non-governmental organization established to promote and further Kenya’s evolving democracy. It pursues this mission by: strengthening institutional mechanisms involved in the democratic process; Enabling ordinary people to readily access useful and relevant information on their rights and what role they may play in nation building, and; Fostering networking among groups involved in shaping democratic structures and processes for effective participation by all people.

What are the activities of IED?

IED is primarily involved in three programmes: electoral Process, Voter education and Research. IED actively participated in the 1997 general elections and has successfully observed twenty-seven of the thirty one by-elections since 1992 and all of the 11 by-elections held after the 1997 general elections. The voter education programme educates the public on legal and other rights in an effort to nurture a stronger civic culture. The Research Programme has a Resource Centre that serves as a resource tool in assisting IED activities as well a resource for other organizations, government agencies and the public. In addition to the above programmes, the IED also provides consultancy and research services, as well as various workshops and training seminars for civic educators and election observers.

Is the IED affiliated to any political organization or to a particular political movement?

The IED is not affiliated to any political organization or political movement. IED is a public, non-partisan, non-profit organization that is not afflicted to any political party, pressure group or religious body. The organization was established to promote and further democracy through civic and voter education. In addition, IED believes that by strengthening the democratic process in Kenya, the socio-economic conditions of the country will improve. The Institute’s activities are implemented mainly through donor funding. This occasionally places IED in a difficult position because IED’s focus does not always coincide with donor interests. However, IED remains committed to the course of seeking new avenues of fund-raising to help enhance its resource base and thereby enable the Institute to carry out more of its intended work in the country,in the regions beyond and beyond.

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