GIS Information

The operationalization of GIS technology at IED started way back in 1999 when IED conceptualized the implementation of a computer based mapping system after conducting research into constituency making process in Kenya and publishing a book entitled"Understanding Kenya's Electoral Process: A Constituency Profile Approach"Based on this, IED has created a geo-database which is a collection of geographic datasets of various types held in a common file system folder. The geo -database is a powerful tool to model GIS behavior, maintain data integrity, and work with an important set of spatial relationships. The geo-database contains data on roads, constituency and administrative boundaries, polling stations, towns, population, and number of registered voters. Using the geo-database, IED has been able to review constituency profiles maps, and develop interactive/digital and printable maps.  These maps have been very useful to election observers wishing to locate polling stations, researchers interested in the analysis of constituencies, politicians keen on their constituency plan, and members of the public interested in understanding electoral boundary making in Kenya.