Award Objectives


  • To support the successful hosting and sustenance of the Grace Githu award as an annual event in Kenya.
  • To honour the late Ms. Grace Githu and other fallen heroines and heroes who have bravely soldiered on along the murky history of Kenya’s long road to democracy, and endeavoured to build institutions, systems and processes that promote and protect democracy and good governance, human rights, including women’s rights and the rule of law.
  • To identify, recognize and honour women and men of honour: self effacing heroines and heroes of the democratization process, genuinely committed and dependable crusaders, advocates, veterans and protectors of human rights, including women’s rights, good governance and justice.


  1. A self-effacing unsung heroine or hero of the democratization process
  2. A person who has made remarkable professional contribution to and transformed a field of work or institution into an integral part of the governance, democracy and human rights agenda or structure
  3. A genuinely committed and dependable crusader, advocate, protector and veteran for good governance, human rights and the rule of law
  4. A person who has immensely, stubbornly, frankly, fearlessly and positively championed and contributed to women’s political, legal, economic and social empowerment through a firmly sustained and consistent work or advocacy for women’s rights and justice for women
  5. A true advocate and champion for affirmative action
  6. A genuine and committed anti-corruption crusader
  7. A person who has committed her/his life to ensuring a fully participatory, free and fair political and electoral process in Kenya
  8. A person who has through her/his work, cultivated independence and confidence in her/his colleagues and the society generally
  9. A person who is meticulous, insightful, constructive and professionally strict and firm, yet humble
  10. A philanthropist and a true role model
  11. A strong-headed individual who has fought with total conviction and supreme intelligence for the virtues, principles and things she/he believes in
  12. A person of integrity, deep honesty and unchallenged moral probity